Best VoIP Service

Services hosted by VoIP providers are provided with multiple names in the telephone industry including Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, IP Centrex and Virtual PBX. Customer may purchase telephone devices, if any, at all, with hosted VoIP services. Instead, the VoIP service provider maintains central equipment at their POP (point of presence), saving the client from large capital expenditures.

Is VOIP suitable for your company?
You should only purchase a VoIP phone system or select a hosted PBX provider if you have business needs for VoIP technology and your network is ready to support VoIP. Obviously, if you have needs but you do not have a network, the network can be improved.

Here are some of the requirements that will be solved by the VoIP protocol. In some cases, Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP providers are specifically asked to solve the problem rather than buying a VoIP phone system.
* The company has multiple offices with daily communication between them or the need to unify departments deployed between offices. VoIP systems provide the ability for phones in a variety of geographies to communicate easily using data networks as if they were all in a single building including call extensions and call forwarding.
* Telecommuters or home workers who need to be part of the company’s phone system.
* The company’s budget does not support cables for both data network and phones. VoIP phones can share the same cables for each office with the computer.

* Phones are transferred regularly from one office to another. Unlike digital phones that require a technician service to move them, VoIP phones can be transferred by the user within the office. Some IP phone systems and most VoIP services allow the user to connect the phone anywhere that has access to the Internet.
* The company needs to expand or contract in markets outside the local area of communication. PBX hosted services allow customers to publish local phone numbers in most US and some foreign markets.
* The Company has a limited capital expenditure budget. Most VoIP services provide capital expenditures by ordering only VoIP phones, not central equipment.

* The company has high long distance bills. VoIP and Voice over IP (VoIP) systems can eliminate long distance between remote offices and workers in remote areas. Some Virtual PBX services are packing local long distances with their connection packets.
* The company has seasonal work that causes the expansion of its needs and contracting. These hosted services will host rapidly changing needs.
* Individuals or departments need their own phone number but the PRI service account of the phone company is not affordable.
* One or more offices are in disaster-prone areas due to power outages, hurricanes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. Hosted PBX services can continue to process calls when the office is not standing.
If your company has one or more of these needs, it is time to determine whether your network is ready for VoIP. This is a quick view to determine if your business and network are ready for the tremendous benefits of VoIP connectivity. The VoIP service provider should perform further analysis of both needs and network readiness.